• Fediversity at O₄FFDEM

    Last weekend FOSDEM took place in Brussels, Belgium. However it was O₄FFDEM that provided the space for about 20 people to meet and discuss the future of events in the Fediverse for the whole Saturday. Among them developers like @lesion (developer of Gancio), setop (upcoming coordinator of Mobilizon), @dreirik (, @laurin (contributor to ActivityPods) and […]


    This weekend @linos is going to attend OFFDEM (FOSDEM) in Brussels. There will be a Fediverse Event-Gathering on Saturday: Really looking forward to it! 🙂

  • Visibility & discoverability

    Visibility and discoverability have been much discussed topics recently, especially when Mastodon announced the introduction of a full-text search. Protecting users from abusive searches is a major concern. In the case where one instance follows another, this results in a different complexity of the problem, especially if there are two software applications that specialize in […]

  • Using the WordPress ActivityPub plugin – what can go wrong?

    Yesterday @linos spontaneously gave a good friend personal assistance in setting up ActivityPub on his WordPress site. The following article is a memory log of it. Obviously, it is only a single sample, but what happened is consistent with many of our assumptions. In short, the ActivityPub plugin and Fediverse are great, but there is still a lot of room to improve the user experience, especially for non-technical people, and there could be a lot of small features that could have a big impact in the end that nobody has thought of yet. In addition, the currently missing tombstones and…

  • It is all about the community

    When writing the initial version of our project plan as signed and agreed with by NlNet we didn’t know yet about the dynamics of the community, specifically about how the cooperation between the maintainers of the plugin and would be like. The level of collaboration with other developers would determine whether […]

  • Sneak preview

    For the first time, we were able to see the goals of our project with our own eyes. But we still have a long way to go. We’ll tell you more about where we are and what our next tasks are in the coming days.