Resuming Work and Engaging with Users

We promised to keep you updated every two months, though this post comes a bit delayed (see reasons). Thankfully NLnet extended our time period. Now that at least one person can dedicate a regular 30 hours a week to the project, we are confident things will develop more quickly from now on.

We are currently having our first exchanges with venues and organizations that will likely use WordPress ActivityPub for their event publishing. From these initial interviews, we are gathering insights to ensure we are on the right track. We’ve chosen several institutions based in Graz, where most of us live, because face-to-face conversations are invaluable and sometimes the only way to make sure we’re communicating our true intentions – we’re not trying to sell anything, we have a vision. A detailed report on those results will follow.

However, anyone else with a WordPress site who wants to explore publishing events to the Fediverse and help shape future features (such as attendee management, participant notifications, etc.) is welcome to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. are there plans for the publishing of an FEP or SWICG report so other implementers can also follow suit in lock step?

    It would also be a great way to solicit feedback on some backed design decisions.

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