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Visibility and discoverability have been much discussed topics recently, especially when Mastodon announced the introduction of a full-text search. Protecting users from abusive searches is a major concern. In the case where one instance follows another, this results in a different complexity of the problem, especially if there are two software applications that specialize in events but have a completely different approach to them, like Gancio, Mobilizon or a local community site run with WordPress.

We would like to find a common denominator for this problem and have therefore opened a topic on Socialhub. We look forward to everyone contributing to the discussion or just leaving some thoughts in the replies.

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2 responses to “Visibility & discoverability”

  1. @blog Before opening the link and falling into a rabbit hole to find the answer: What's the link between issues with searches on the one hand and different approaches to handling event objects on the other hand?

    1. @eest9 @blog Event objects might have searchable fields besides the content: Name (title), category, startTime, location, address etc. Without filters for those a public listing may not make a lot of sense depending on the use case.

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