About us

Our team consists of diverse people who live across Europe. We are mix of web developers, computer science students, activists and cultural anthropologists.

André is the leader of the project. Despite studying audio engineering and being a professionally trained pianist and piano teacher, he has always been interested in digital technologies. He began his career in software development by managing IT infrastructure for small associations and activist groups. Working in this context helped him become aware of the actual needs of people and the serious usability problems that often arise in open source projects. He firstly just reported problems, then began writing code himself. For several years now, he is employed as a Full-Stack Web Developer and Advanced System Engineer. 2020 he started regionally focused Fediverse instances that are now operated by the association graz.social – association for the promotion of ethical digital culture.

ruru4143 is trying to study Computer Science in Graz, Austria. The word “trying” is very important because they don’t think they are very good at studying at university, they like to learn but the way people are used to teaching and how they evaluate how well you have learned the subject doesn’t suit them very well. But that’s enough of their student life.
After meeting André at an demonstration against a new university law, they joined the admin team of graz.social. And somehow we are here now, working on WordPress together.

Max completed his Bachelor’s degree in International Business and is part of the Joint International Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development (M.Sc.) at Leipzig and Graz University, specializing in transition studies and biodiversity. How to encourage bottom-up change and assist communities in transformation processes became a central concern of his activities. He sees great importance in providing societies with digital means to self-organize and make themselves independent from Big Data. Max is highly interested in biodynamic agriculture and old vegetable varieties.

Francesco is a Climate Hacktivist, founder of Open For Future. He studied IT in high school and has a degree in Web & Multimedia Technologies. Worked as web developer, UI/UX designer and also video maker. Spent several years on providing FOSS (Free and open-source software) support to ecovillages, cooperatives and movements such Zero Waste, Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion. During this time he developed strategies and tools to promote the Fediverse and founded Open For Future, a technopolitical project that aims to combine together the open source/hacker philosophy with the climate change urgency. Since he was already working on the WordPress-Mobilizon federation, he joined the team to share his experience.

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openforfuture.org – Climate Hacktivism

Why do you have a .eu domain?

We chose a hosting provider that offered a free .eu domain, that was it.