This weekend @linos is going to attend OFFDEM (FOSDEM) in Brussels. There will be a Fediverse Event-Gathering on Saturday:

Fediverse Event-Gathering

We are some hackers that currently work on different solutions serving the same goals: free users from having to use Meetup or GAFAM sh*t to aggregate and organize their events. We want to gather and work together and agree on common standards to benefit from interoperability and each other. Current solutions we are working on include but are not limited to:

Our preliminary agenda looks like

  • welcome each other / warm up
  • quick presentations of each project to help understand common features and differences
  • discuss and agree on a common standard for event data in the Fediverse
  • use the rest of the day to hack-a-thon, chat, learn, cooperate

We expect a number of 5-10 people joining from the mentioned projects. Other people are welcome to join if they are interested in the topic and/or like to contribute to one of these projects.

Checkout the full OFFDEM program on the here.

Really looking forward to it! 🙂

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  1. @blog @linos that's exciting! unfortunately I'm not that spontaneous and time is a bit tight at the moment. But I'm interested in the process and the result. Please keep us up to date

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