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  • Fediversity at O₄FFDEM

    Last weekend FOSDEM took place in Brussels, Belgium. However it was O₄FFDEM that provided the space for about 20 people to meet and discuss the future of events in the Fediverse for the whole Saturday. Among them developers like @lesion (developer of Gancio), setop (upcoming coordinator of Mobilizon), @dreirik (, @laurin (contributor to ActivityPods) and…


    This weekend @linos is going to attend OFFDEM (FOSDEM) in Brussels. There will be a Fediverse Event-Gathering on Saturday: Really looking forward to it! 🙂

  • Visibility & discoverability

    Visibility and discoverability have been much discussed topics recently, especially when Mastodon announced the introduction of a full-text search. Protecting users from abusive searches is a major concern. In the case where one instance follows another, this results in a different complexity of the problem, especially if there are two software applications that specialize in…