Freedom in announcing events

For events, it is of utter importance to be discoverable, listable, and subscribable by potential visitors. 

Most event organizers run their own websites. But publishing their events solely there is not enough. They have to post their events on multiple websites or channels, such as Facebook, local community or individual-managed sites to reach people. The posting has to be done manually, one by one for each channel. Centralized platforms have the greatest reach, not only because so many people are already using them, but also because searching for events can be done in one place. We are breaking through this monopoly.

If you run a WordPress website for your organization: what if others could automatically aggregate and display events published on your website? Additionally what if people who do not want to miss your events will not have to follow a social-media account of yours that you maintain on the website of another party (and thereby you push the people to use these platforms), but anyone could follow your website directly? Following like in social media, including all features you know like boosting, liking or commenting! Most importantly, if you already publish events on your website, it means no extra work for you. In the long term it actually means less work and you help to provide a momentum to become independent of commercial platforms like Facebook and co. For more details read our detailed project description.

If you have no interest in running your own website or you are not using WordPress checkout other projects like Mobilizon or Gancio. There is likely already a community already providing this for your town. Other content-management systems might get support too, reach out to the community to get to know more.